Ultimate Option Strategies

A Formidable Partnership

Ron Jackson

Ken Trester
Managing Editor

Jeff Carter
Senior Editor

In the 1970s Ken Trester began professionally trading stock options. 

In 1983 Ken launched his first options newsletter. 

Two years later Ron Jackson recognized Ken's rare talents and genius forging a business alliance with Ken.

This merger allowed Ken to devote full time to researching the stock options market while Ron assumed the role of business manager and publisher.

In 1991 as our options services grew Jeff Carter joined as Senior Editor.  

This formidable three part joint venture has produced options publications and services which are unrivaled in content, integrity and in profitability for over two decades.  

Never A Losing Year
From his offices near Lake Tahoe Ken devotes his professional efforts to exclusively tracking the options market. Jeff backs Ken supplying critical research.

The result is a track record that no other publication can equal.  Since 1983 Ken's options publications have never had a losing year.  

For more about the Trester Track Record click here

Our Number 1 Rule for Buying Options:
Only buy underpriced options. Sticking with undervalued and cheap options gives you two critical advantages:

First, you risk less money when you buy a cheap option.  It is much easier on the pocketbook to lose $50 than $500 if the option expires worthless.

Second, if the stock crosses the strike price (putting it "in the money") before your option expires, you not only win your bet but your percentage gains will be more than had you bought a more expensive option. It's simple.

Price is the key to success in the options market.  When you pay too much for an option the odds are stacked against you. Finding underpriced options is simple in theory but in the real world it takes an enormous amount of work.  Ken Trester and Jeff Carter have developed computer pricing models, strategies and techniques that does this better than anyone else. For more about their strategies click here

Our Profit Strategy:
The basic options trading secret we've learned over the past 20 years. Click here 

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Option Profits in Bull Markets, Bear Markets
You can make money with options in BOTH bull and bear markets.  

Here are some (not all) of our recent profits (all trades opened and closed within 3 weeks)...

Home Depot Put, 66% gain... Abbott Laboratories Put, 38% gain... Sybase Put, 54% profit.... Humana Call, 72% profit... Bear Stearns Call, 91% profit... TXU Corp Call, 64% profit... Helmerich & Payne Call, 61% profit... Tribune Call, 180% profit... Procter Gamble Call, 123% profit... Juniper Networks Put, 116% gain.

For our most recent and complete track record please click here.

Looking for Options Software?
Our award winning software is easy to use, time tested, profitable and easy on the budget. Three different programs suitable for all options traders.  Click here for more information.

Thinking LEAP Options?
For many investors this is the right time to consider LEAPs since the risk compared to stocks is relatively low. Have you ever considered buying a LEAP option and then selling calls against the LEAP? For more advice click here.

Is this the Right Time for Put Options?
You Insure your house and your car but do you insure your stocks and mutual funds?  Probably not.  You can protect your stock market profits and actually make money in a down market with put options. For details click here.

Professional Options Traders
Our newsletters and options trading reports are edited by two of America's most experienced and successful options traders Ken Trester and Jeff Carter.  For more about our editors click here.

Looking for an Option Broker?
While we do not recommend the services of any specific broker, here's a list of option brokers have worked successfully with option traders for years. For more about options brokers click here

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